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Payroll Services

We offer efficient payroll services to manage your payroll processing. We will make you have the confident that your company’s process and tax submission comply to the law and regulationand alsomaintain your company's internal confidentiality.

Payroll service Thailand

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Our payroll services comprise of:

  • 1 ) Initial setting

    - Arrange and sort the information related to salary and timing of payment.
    - Create and set up database in the payroll system by collecting individualstaff information and salary required for payroll processing.

  • 2 ) Monthly payroll process and reporting

    - Calculate withholding tax, Social Security Fund and Provident Fund
    - Submit social security contributions and other contributions
    - Prepare withholding tax return form (PND 1)and file together with the tax payment to the Revenue Department.
    - Generate / print payroll pay-slip to distribute to staff
    - Prepare a Social Security Fund Payment Report (Form Sor Por Sor 1-10) and file the report together with the payment for contributions (for both customers and employees portions) to the Social Security Office.

  • 3 ) New employee hiring / resignation

    - Entry and / or Remove employee(s) in the system.
    - Prepare of registration forms (Form Sor Por Sor 1-03 and / or 1-03 / 1) for new hire or resignation employees and file a registration form to the Social Security Office.

  • 4 ) Processand file the annual employees’ salary Withholding Tax and Social Security Fund

    - Prepare the annual employees’ salary withholding tax return (Form PND.1 Kor) with the summary of the annual salary and withholding tax of all employees and file the withholding tax return with the Revenue Department.
    - Prepare thewithholding tax certificate and income tax form PIT.90, PIT.91 and PIT 94 for all employees.
    - Prepare the annual contribution report for the Compensation Fund (Form Kor Thor 20 Kor., Form Kor Tor 26 Kor) and Submit the Contribution Report Form to the Social Security Office.

Payroll service Thailand

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