Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

Better Unique Accounting Co., Ltd.

Our accounting and bookkeeping service is a comprehensive suite for any company looking for a one stop solution. With our complete and accurate service, we aim to maximize your wealth accumulation by executing a proper strategy between your company and the government.

Our Comprehensive Accounting and Bookkeeping Services include:

  • Register as your company’s accountant as required by law
  • Plan and implement accounting system and accounting system analysis
  • Prepare Bookkeeping, General Ledger, Cash Book, Payment Book, Receive Book, Sale Book, Purchase Book
  • Keep accounting record with accounting program accepted by the Revenue department, providing you with on-time monthly report
  • Provide financial report that are necessary for financial planning such as AP, AR, Fix Asset CAPEX register
  • Meeting with the Revenue department when they need more information
  • Set up accounting system for bookkeeping

Benefits of our quality accounting service

  • Assure complete and accurate accounting transaction record
  • Assure on-time and hassle-free service
  • Being specialized in accounting and book keeping, we help our clients to be able to make decisions on time