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Work Permit & Visa Under BOI/IEAT


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Work Permit & Visa Under BOI/IEAT

In case of the Company has obtained a BOI Certificate. Accordingly, the Company can apply for a visa and work permit for the expatriate employees under BOI privilege. This will give the benefit as follows:

  1. In the case of the application for extension of visa, the requirement of the ratio of Thai to foreign staff of 4:1 will not be imposed. It will depend on necessity and the reason of the Company provides to the authority. 
  2. The term of work permit and visa may be up to 2 years (It will depend on the type of business). 
  3. In the case of applying visa and work permit at One Stop Service Center will complete within 1 day, the requirements of fully paid-up capital of Baht 30 million will not be imposed.     

We understand that your company is on the process in obtaining the BOI certificate. During this period, we can apply the work permit & visa under BOI, which will be divided into 2 processes as follow:

1.    Pre-approval of BOI Certificate 

We will submit the application for obtaining the letter of approval from BOI which will take 1-2 weeks for consideration and the period of permission will be granted from 3-6 months then we may process for applying visa and WP.  If the BOI Certificate is still under consideration, we still can extend visa and work permit for another 1-3 months or until the BOI will grant BOI Certificate.
2.    BOI Certificate approval

Consequences after the BOI Certificate has been granted, we will submit the application for letter of approval for the position of expatriate with BOI. which will take 1 month of the process. Once  we have received the approval from BOI, we will submit the application for letter of approval for transfer the expatriate into the position with BOI which will take 2 weeks to proceed. After that, we may process to apply for the visa and work permit which the permission will be granted from 1 year or 2 years (depends on type of business).

Please kindly noted that the expatriates must obtain a non-immigrant B visa before coming to Thailand in order to be eligible to apply for a work permit. In the case of the expatriates have dependent to stay in Thailand, the dependent must obtain a non-immigrant O including the evidence such as the Marriage Certificate and the Birth Certificate of the Children.

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